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Animals move from one farm to another and their movement cannot be controlled or stored like any other product. The manual process of data entering about the number of animals enters and exit from the farm is time consuming resulting in more possibilities of errors. RFID Technology is largely used nowadays to track and record animal information, where direct line-of-sight is not practical. Our RFID tags attached to animals provide basic information about the animals and the tags can also be used for food traceability.We provide a full range of specialized tags used in managing livestock. Our innovative products meet all applicable standards and regulations. Omnia RFID tags come in various different sizes and can be incorporated as ear tags. These tags can also be safely injected or embedded in a ceramic bolus and permanently placed into an animal’s stomach. These tags help optimize productivity and livestock production. For tracking pigeons, small size glass tags are embedded in pigeon rings.Omnia RFID Tags are completely harmless tags used for better tracking and tracing of livestock. RFID Tags used for animal & Food are Cattle Ear Tag, Sheep Ear Tag, and Injectable Glass Tag.

Benefits of using RFID tags for livestock management:

  • Verify the details of tagged animals.
  • Automate handling at farm and auction house.
  • Supports Disease control.
  • Keep a track of the movement of animals.
  • No direct line of sight required.


As with animals, tracking food products through processing and transport contributes to consumer health by identifying both product origins and possible problems in processing, handling, or transport. Aside from health concerns, tracking can also be critical for animals and food products that are particularly valuable or that require special protection.


    Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime:-
  • We keep your data on the cloud secure servers to be accessed from any computer or mobile device, from any browser at the click of a button as long as you have an internet connection available.
  • Hassle Free Bulk Data Import:-
  • On-boarding with vast volumes of data can be a nightmare. We make your life easy with bulk uploads from Excel. We also provide an E.R.P. Integration with Oracle to automatically import your data.
  • Everything you can do with your Assets:-
  • Assets is the most convenient tool available for management, tracking, service and maintenance, allotment, tagging, auditing and reporting of your assets.
  • Depreciation, how you want it:-
  • Not only do we cater specifically to the Indian market with depreciation as per Companies Act and I.T. Act, we also offer a custom rule set for you to adapt to the book-keeping rules of your region
  • Sort out your Procurement Pipeline:-
  • We have digitized your entire purchase process from setting an asset group budget cap to requisition to pay order generation, all the way to scanning at the gate. We take care of your assets from there.
  • RFID for your Assets & Employees:-
  • The application also allows the generation of RFID tags for scanning of employee tags and assets, greatly smoothing your asset transfer tracking and security check in process.
  • Get Quick Consultant Opinions:-
  • Learning the joys of Work From Home life? We can help make it better. Not only do we help you monitor your assets at home, we also help you give read-only access of your books to your consultants!
  • Role Based Access Control:-
  • Administrators have page-level control of what users can view and edit on the application. Do you want users to be able to edit assets but not category budgets? No problem!
  • Android Applications:-
  • Our mobile applications for administrators lets you see real-time updates on your dashboard, stay updated on service and maintenance schedules through notifications and approve asset transfer and allotment on phone itself!