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RFID E-Seal for Export Container

Proposed Modules & Reports:

  • Using the latest Products and cutting edge technology, we bring to you a solution to Seal & Track Shipping Containers using RFID Tags.
  • Approximately, there are 16 million containers in the world that travel miles and carry tonnes of products both in value and weight. We have the solution for efficiently Sealing & Tracking those containers content from any device all over the world.
  • Modern interface With multiple interfaces and unparalled bandwidth, accuracy and speed is never an issue.
  • Easy to use The UI is designed keeping in my mind the end user, who will be independent in using the software anywhere.
  • Free updates With the Rules & Regulations constantly updating, we will cater to your growing needs with free updates.
  • Convert any smart phone using the RFD8500 Sled. Thus giving you the ulitmate power to access the data through your smart phone.