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RFID/ Barcode/ QR Code Track N Trace for Lubricant, Pharma Industries

Accounts & Tax Miner's implemented the use of a QR code based methodology that will provide accurate and timely decision support for multiple functional within organization. Accounts & Tax Miner's has currently implemented it for leading lubricant company. The system supports complete material tracking and ability to take strategic marketing decisions. The system allows the CIPs to be aware of what material is planned for receipt on any given day. At the retailer and the consumer end an app is hosted by Accounts & Tax Miner's which has the facility to scan the QR codes on each’s (SKU) as well as the cartons. In the application include the feature to scan the carton as well as the SKU. The retailers will also be enabled to scan via the app. On scanning, the user will get the entire history of that particular carton/SKU so as to determine the origin, the warehouse history and also the way it reached the particular place. This scan can also be used for validating the stock consumption at the distributor end. The app is designed in such a way that it will provide real-time feedback regarding authenticity and traceability of the SKUs.


The objectives are many, which are tangible as well as intangible

  • Minimizes counterfeit products in the market
  • Complete end to end track and trace
  • Inventory clarity at all nodes
  • Minimizes product/batch mismatch
  • Data for analytics for effective decision making
  • Loyalty programs enables on the barcode platform
  • Cross state infiltration minimizes


Besides the installation and implementation of scanners etc. being used at various stages in the plant, loyalty program enables the features of self-sustaining loyalty program, analytics on the data gathered, user group wise access, Geo mapping, Authorization of distributor, Retailer, Mechanic and Consumer based on the UID such as Aadhar no, PAN or any other KYC.


The following modules form part of the system:

  • Printing of QR code at label manufacturers end
  • Filling and Manufacturing, Rejection process including Goods Receipt, Despatch & Internal upkeep
  • CIP/CFA/Distributors/Retailer/End Customer process
  • Production Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Transit Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Customer Loyalty Point Management
  • Anaylitical Reports


The app will give feedback on the unauthenticated codes. The UID that is not available in the database will create a RED flag when scanned, immediately client will be informed by Email. For codes available in the database, the app will give a GREEN go ahead for the first time scan. In an case the code is scanned at an area where the SKU has no history, then a YELLOW light will be displayed on the screen and warn client. This will also be the case for subsequent scans with different mobile devices.